3: The "8" van Leeuwarden Route (The Figure of 8 Route)

(route red + blue)

Big historic city route, approx.1½ hours

Departure point is at the "Nieuwestad", and then the tour goes through The Naauw, Kelders, Voorstreek, Hoekstereind, Oostergracht, Zuidergracht, Weaze, Voorstreek, Ee neighbourhood, The Prinsentuin, Westersingel, Schavernek, and then back to the Nieuwestad. You'll sail with our flat boat through the historic canals of Leeuwarden. You will pass old façades, 'De Waag', 'het Naauw', 'de Brol', 'bierkade', barracks, de Baai van de Kaai, the prison museum the Blokhuispoort, the bastion, the garden of the Nassau family, the most beautiful marina in the Netherlands, the Oldehove, almost too much to mention!.

For this bespoke trip, the price of our flat boat is as follows:

  • "De Greate“ (max. 20 persons): € 147.50 *
  • "De Nije“ (max. 26 persons): € 187.50 *
  • "Pake Rein“ (max. 24 persons): € 167.50 *
  • "Marijke Meu" (max. 24 persons): € 167.50 *

* These prices include a captain and a guide. For bespoke trips after 6 PM a surcharge of 25% will apply.